The San Francisco HAAC was established in February 1991 by San Francisco Region employees.  Its goals are to advocate equality in the services provided by the agency to our Spanish-speaking public and to promote recruitment, training, career development and advancement of Hispanic employees.  SF HAAC encourages and supports communications, networking, and sharing of ideas among our membership, with regional and central office components, and with other Hispanic organizations.  HAAC advises the Regional Commissioner on service delivery issues that impact the Spanish-speaking public.  The SF HAAC also advises the Regional Commissioner on recruitment, hiring, training and promotional opportunities for Hispanic employees.


HAAC’s mission is to ensure courteous, respectful and sensitive treatment of all customers, including non-English speaking persons.  Our organization will pursue this mission by educating others as to our shared responsibility to provide sensitive services, and by advocating for and supporting recruitment, career development, advancement and retention of Hispanics and Spanish speaking employees in the agency's workforce.  We want to promote and enhance the participation of Hispanics in all aspects and levels of the agency programs.


Our organization is committed to making a model agency that provides cultural and language sensitive services to all people, and to recognize the value of recruiting, developing and promoting Hispanics.


Promote the full availability of services for the Hispanic community

Monitor the Agency’s adequacy of services in Spanish and to make sure the non-English public is well informed of all its programs

Promote and stimulate recruitment, hiring, training, career development and upward mobility of Hispanics employees


To meet periodically with the Regional Commissioner to discuss the objectives, plans, and concerns of HAAC

To prepare reports, proposals, and recommendations consistent with HAAC’s objectives

To participate as active members of agency workgroups where policy and procedures are set

To work with agency components dealing with employment and service needs of Hispanic people

To support civil rights and equal opportunity for all employees

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